Mt. Seymour Preschool prepares your child for success!

  • award winning teachers
  • spacious facility that is surrounded by nature to maximize active play and learning opportunities
  • a play based program inspired and guided by the REGGIO EMILIA Philosophy of Learning
  • parent participation is on a voluntary basis only
  • documentation panels and booklets are displayed in the preschool so that parents can share in the learning process of their children

Mt. Seymour Preschool is a well respected preschool in North Vancouver, British Columbia, licensed under the Community Care Facility Act. It is a non profit society with a parent run board of directors and has been in existence since the 1960's. All staff are ECE trained and experienced. The preschool enrolls two three year old classes with 16 children in each class and two four year old classes with 18 children in each class whose families live in the area of North Vancouver east of the Seymour River. We are privileged to operate from a very spacious facility which provides room for active play and learning opportunities.



Mt. Seymour Preschool has always been a play based program but in recent years has added more focused components to the play based curriculum as a result of staff study of the preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. The goal of the preschool is to provide children with a rich and supportive environment where they can learn in developmentally appropriate ways, form deep and meaningful relationships with peers and teachers and have an authentic childhood experience. More details about current programs, goals and objectives can be found in the program and goals and objectives sections of this site.

Mt. Seymour Preschool works to build community among the families in the preschool. Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classes, to come on field trips in the community and to help operate the preschool by donating their time and talents to the board of directors. We also respect the fact that many families have very full lives, so parent participation is on a voluntary basis. We produce a monthly newsletter to keep parents informed about what projects the children are working on. Documentation panels and booklets are displayed in the room so parents can share in the learning process of their children. Teachers are always available, in person or via telephone conferences to share their observations with families.

More information about the preschool can be obtained by continued browsing through this site or contacting Mt. Seymour Preschool's coordinators.

1200 Parkgate Ave., North Vancouver, BC | 604.929.7022


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