About Us

Mount Seymour Preschool is a well-respected child care centre in the Mount Seymour area of North Vancouver. We are a Registered Non-profit Society with a Board of Directors consisting of volunteer parents of children in the preschool, which oversees daily operations. All parents are invited to join the society for a nominal fee.

Our Philosophy


We believe in co-creating an environment where children and educators are free to learn through play. It is our belief that learning becomes enriched when our social interactions stretch beyond the human world, where we learn empathy and care for those other than ourselves, such as for the environment. Therefore, we consider the outdoors as an extension to our classroom and a large portion of our program is experienced outdoors.

We strive to embody an environment where we all feel free to make meaning of our world through a variety of rich materials and play experiences. Our practice is based on a deep connection with nature, an Emergent Curriculum, and is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, where children and educators co-construct knowledge. All of the learning made visible in our classroom is that of our children and educators combined, as we continually navigate through daily inquiries alongside each other.

In partnership with your children, we will facilitate a love of learning and deep inquiry, broaden and encourage curiosity, foster independence and responsibility, as well as develop an interest in forming new perspectives and collaborating with others.


We are committed to creating alliances with families by building strong bonds and relationships through open lines of communication, and we are always ready to discuss your child's progress or listen to your concerns. Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classes, to join us on field trips in the community, and to exercise voting rights during Board Meetings. We also respect the fact that many families have very full lives, so parent participation is on a voluntary basis.